The Gold Standard in Pharmaceutical Trade

Authorised dealer of Sky Premium Life in the UK

A luxury vitamins and food supplements company serving the UK. Our specially formulated products support your health needs, so order today for high-quality, carefully created supplements that you can rely on to enhance your wellbeing.

Sole distributor of C-Scrub in the UK

C-Scrub Wash Chlorhexidine 4% w/v is an advanced antimicrobial hand and skin cleanser designed for optimal hygiene. Formulated to be gentle yet effective, it contains emollients that make it suitable for sensitive and dry skin.



Decahedron is a pharmaceutical wholesaler based in the UK, incorporated in 2011

and is part of a group of companies with facilities in Greece and the UK.



Licensed by the MHRA



Temperature controlled storage facilities



Worldwide sourcing



Authorised dealer of Sky Premium Life® in the UK





  • Wholesale, supply and distribution of medicinal products

  • Pharmacy products

  • Healthcare products

  • Exploring new markets and creating new and stronger business opportunities for its partners and customers

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Distribution and outsourcing deals on a European Level

  • Consolidation Centre with a network of Suppliers throughout Europe

  • Spotting future market trends and planning successfully to meet the anticipated needs

  • Offering Access and sharing information gathered by our market research team

  • Securing Stock Supplies

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