C-Scrub Wash Chlorhexidine 4% w/v is an advanced antimicrobial hand and skin cleanser designed for optimal hygiene. It comes with a convenient pump dispenser, making it easy to use and perfect for both home and office environments. Formulated to be gentle yet effective, it contains emollients that make it suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Chlorhexidine doesn't absorb by the skin, but it binds to bacteria on the skin and destroys them within 1 minute. C-Scrub Wash provides immediate action within 1 minute and prolonged protection for up to 6 hours, ensuring you stay protected against a wide variety of microorganisms. It meets global standards and has been tested under EN 1276 & EN 1499, guaranteeing its efficacy and safety. Add C-Scrub Wash to your daily hygiene routine for reliable and long-lasting protection.


Gentle On Skin

Formulated with emollients, C-Scrub Wash is a hand-friendly cleanser. Its cosmetically acceptable composition ensures it won't irritate while providing a deep, effective clean. Ideal for frequent use as an antibacterial hand wash.



Versatile and Reliable

Suitable for both pre- and post-operative hand disinfection and general antimicrobial. Whether you need a hand cleaner or a powerful anti-bacterial hand wash for home or office, C-Scrub Wash is your go-to solution for effective, long-term protection.

Effective Anti-Microbial Cleanser

C-Scrub Wash Chlorhexidine 4% w/v provides immediate and prolonged antimicrobial action. It is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ensuring comprehensive hand and skin hygiene. Ideal for both home and office use.



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